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    Landlord references

    I have served notice on my current property which the landlord has accepted and confirmed receipt of and I have put down a holding deposit on a new property. All that is required to complete the admin for the new property is a landlord reference. However, my landlord has turned off his phone and is not answering emails.

    He is a lovely guy but tends not to like to talk on the phone or generally be involved in the flat at all. In the past when we have had problems his handyman has sorted them. A while ago there was a burst pipe in the property and our landlord refused to help us as he was busy. His handyman was not answering his phone and the pipe was leaking into the flat downstairs so we called a plumber and when we managed to get hold of our landlord again, he said he was happy to pay the plumbers bill as there was nothing else we could have done.

    That is not really relevant but more to show you that he is a good landlord, just a little shy of being contacted.

    The letting agents have let us know that we have to have a landlord reference or we will lose our holding deposit and the flat. I can't afford that. I cannot get hold of my landlord (we don't have a landline number for him) and I really need this reference. We have always paid our rent on time and we are only moving out because we no longer want to live with our other two housemates.

    What can I do about this? I don't want to keep emailing him and bugging him and I'm pretty sure that the letting agents are starting to think that he is refusing to give a reference because we are bad tenants, but we aren't.

    You could give the agents his email address and phone number and let them try for themselves, or get a reference from a previous landlord.
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      Originally posted by tenantinneed View Post
      The letting agents have let us know that we have to have a landlord reference or we will lose our holding deposit and the flat.
      You should not loose the holding deposit because you failed their referencing procedure, but only because you changed your mind and decided not to rent the property after all.


        Thanks so much for both of your help. jta: the letting agents have all his details but thanks for the advice, I have dropped my previous landlord an email, I didn't even think of doing that - thanks so much!

        jjjlandlord - thanks for letting me know. I know letting agents can be a bit tough to deal with so it's good to know where I stand with them.


          I agree with jjlandlord. You should not lose the deposit because of someone elses failing. The LA should have other acceptable checks in place (possibly increasing the deposit to cover potential losses). The holding deposit is security against YOU pulling out of the deal. It would be all to easy for an agent to profit from a string of holding deposits from people who are arbitrarily turned down for no good reason.
          If you've had a good relationship with your previous landlord he may benefit from being reminded that it would be a shame for the good relationship to be soured by this.
          Go get your deposit back - they have no reasonable right to keep it.
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