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    My letting agent says I signed an inventory on the morning I moved into my old property, in fact even before I'd seen the property. They said they would have got me to sign it when I signed the agreement and I paid the rest of the deposit. But is this inventory legal as I hadn't even seen the flat?

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    that's rubbish

    you move in and then get the inventory which shows the state of the place and if you do not agree to anything on it you then highlight the entry and they have to reply to you and agree or disagree. the day you move out same thing would happen they'd double check the state of the place and compare it to the original. any damage will be your responsability and then they have to give you I believe at least 2 quotes before they can charge you then you would get your deposit back.


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      Ask the letting agent to send you a copy of the inventory and ask when you actually signed it.

      If you signed an inventory they should have it and if they write that you signed it before you moved in it will probably invalidate it.


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