Tenant paying buildings insurance

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    Tenant paying buildings insurance

    Hello all, very quick question

    Friend of mine is renting a 3 bedroom flat. She is on housing benenfit s the landlord has put in a few clauses into the TAG.

    The Landlord would only let the flat to her if she agreed to pay the buildings insurance, which she did via a loan. This is in her tenancy agreement.

    Her kitchen ceiling has fallen through. He is demanding £200.00 from her before he repairs it.

    Does this sound correct to you?

    No! The landlord owns the building so surely he should pay the buildings insurance (and contents for anything that is his), and he is responsible for repairs. I would advise the tenant to contact her local council's environmental health department, as they have powers to deal with poor landlords. (that's my gut reaction, anyway!)


      It is quite common, certainly in Commercial Property Owners that the tenant pays the buildings insurance. I know from experience from work (Insurance) that we give huge commissions to the Broker who then splits it with the Policyholder, who in turns passes the cost onto the tenant.

      Not sure about residential property owners though.


        The LL is responsable for the insurance. It appears to me that this LL wants easy money. I believe that he has to have building insurance in according to his mortgage terms and conditions. the tenants is only responsable for CT and utility bills and if they want their own content insurance


          The landlord should insure the property.

          If the policy is in the tenant's name, then obviously in the case of a claim the money would go to the tenant, not to the landlord and if there is a fire and the tenant should die, then how will the landlord get the property rebuilt as the insurance policy will pay out only to the named party?

          Unless of course the named beneficiary is the landlord.

          Only an idiot landlord would trust insurance arrangements to tenants. What if they cancelled it unbeknowst to him?


            But presumably in this case the LL is organising the policy himself, he just wants the tenant to cough up the cash to cover the cost - at least that's what I assume the £200 mentioned in the original query is for?

            Whether it's legal for the LL to ask for this I have no idea. Certainly very odd: presumably it's just an attempt by him to a screw a bit more cash out of the HB system.


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