Should I sublet(if I could)

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  • Should I sublet(if I could)

    I havent checked contract but this is more of a query.

    Currenly I have a massive flat that I pay 400PCM for and so after paying rent each week I am left with about £55 to pay utilities, and luxuries and food etc.

    Thats enough but I never spend any real time in bedroom bar to sleep or to go to the en suite shower(since I have 2 bathrooms, one with bath and ensuite has shower) so was thinking of subletting to university friend because the living room is so massive that even with 3 full sized sofas, 2 tvs and a computer desk theres still room, but I recently moved one sofa into bedroom. so I have plenty of room for even a double bed. and my kitchen is so massive too that I could fit a double bed in the free corner and still have plenty of room to cook and socialise(not that I would put one there, just establishing size)

    The other reason is that I have a bad sleep pattern because I cant drag myself to bed as feel far more comfortable in living room. So means I can sleep easier.

    Sorry for silly thread just want peoples opinions on this.

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    It is a silly thread - glad you realise.
    The only part this site covers really would be 'is it legal to sublet under your AST'. Most contracts preclude that but get back to us when you have read what you have signed if you still don't understand it.

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      Interlaken - wouldn't this be a 'lodger' arrangement, as the landlord (rainbowmeg) would still be using the property as her primary residence.

      In which case, any clauses in your tenancy agreement regarding subletting would not apply - but there may be other clauses to prevent it.

      If you breach any clauses in your tenancy agreement regarding this, your landlord could try to evict you under section 8 (ground 12) of the 1988 Housing Act - but it is debatable whether he would succeed.

      HOWEVER, if the landlord doesn't like you having a lodger (breach of agreement or not) then it is unlikely your tenancy agreement will be renewed when the time comes.


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