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  • Tenant's notice.

    I've read lots on the notice the landlord has to give but am unclear on the notice that I as the tenant have to give. There are no terms in my tenancy agreement dealing with tenant's notice or rent increases. I understand I can leave at the end of the fixed term without giving any notice or if I stay put and no notices are served from either side then the tenancy carries on as a periodic tenancy but I have some more detailed questions:

    1. If I serve notice during the fixed term but that notice expires after the fixed term can the notice expire on any day of the period providing it's a clear month's notice?

    2. If I serve notice after the fixed term does it have to expire at the end of a period because the tenancy has become periodic even though the tenancy agreement doesn't state this?

    3. If I wanted to leave before the end of the fixed term I know the landlord has to make efforts to mitigate his loss by advertising the property for rent and I would be liable for the rent until the new tenant moves in. What happens if the landlord advertises the property for a higher rent and so does not get a new tenant before the end of the fixed term, do I then have to pay rent till the end if the fixed term? I'm asking as the reason I want to leave is the landlord has proposed to increase the rent at the end of the current fixed term.

    Thanks for any help on this.

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