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    Abusive landlord


    I urgently need your advise.
    I have never had such landlord in my life and its making my life hell and it could become worse!

    I rented a studio flat, and since the beginning the boiler was not working properly. It worked for two days but then it stopped and I was left with cold water and no heating.
    She did call someone to fix it but was very angry and told me that next time she would not be fixing anything!
    4 months later the boiler started leaking again and no warm water.
    I called her many times but she did not answer the phone. I left a message but she never called me back.

    I decided not to extend the contract and left in the right moment because I no longer wish to have a landlord that does not care and who treats me bad everytime she speaks to me. The studio is nice, in a nice location but I prefer not to deal with a mad landlord.
    The last time I spoke with her I managed to record the conversation where she says " do not tell a white man that he's wrong"!!!!!!!!!!
    This was when I told her that she was wrong, that as the landlord she must fix the problems...

    She now wrote me a horrible letter full of lies. She says that I left the studio in a dreadful state, that the place is uninhabitable, that I deliberately destroyed her flat, that I comited a criminal offence, she does not want to give me the deposit back and even asked me for huge money, I was sick to read such letter!!!
    She is threatening me to take me to court, all sorts but I left the flat very clean. I would understand her behaviour if I had indeed destroyed the flat as she says but I swear it was left clean. I didnt take pictures of it and neither filmed it because I didnt foresee such thing, I never had a problem with a landlord. They were all very attentive and just wanted me to feel confortable.
    I do have witnesses, friends that saw the flat the day I left.

    Please let me know how to act, Im about to write her letter to her, I dont want to threatEN her but I wish to make her see the facts...
    She is lying, Im not that sort of person she is describing and her abuse has hurt me very much!

    Please advise me

    Thank you so much.
    Im sorry for this huge letter

    Originally posted by suzduarte View Post
    I managed to record the conversation where she says " do not tell a white man that he's wrong"!!!!!!!!!!
    From that comment, I presume you're not "white" yourself, correct?

    Keep that recording carefully as it's pretty good evidence that your landlord is guilty of racial harrassment. Rather than writing back immediately I would start by going to see somebody at the local council and see what they have to say about it - they will take a very dim view of this behaviour.

    I don't think you should be too concerned about losing money over this; it's the landlord who should be worried.


      re: abusive landlord

      Thanks Eric, Ill try that.

      I am white, but darker skin because Im from South Europe but the landlord is English, pale, blue eyes... in her mind im not white!
      How can someone be so blind not to see trough colour and look into peoples hearts and potential?
      I do not want to trouble her about it because shes an old lady but she must know that I am aware of my rights and being foreigner does not mean that Im idiot as she says.

      Perhaps I should not be worried so much about her false accusations too?
      It should be enough if I have people who saw the flat before I left, including my new ladlord?
      Im been reading and according to section 11 LT 1985 she could have not refused to repair the boiler for example, its against the law and then the racial harassment! I think she should be leaving me alone rather then writing to me abusive letters and silly threats.



        The onus is on the landlord to prove any damages. If there were none, there are none to prove. The way this landlord is acting is absolutely disgraceful, especially where any kind of racist remark comes into play. I do not think you have anything to worry about.
        Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


          Suzduarte, was an inventory carried out when you moved in the property? Did you sign it and give it to the landlady?


            Originally posted by Jennifer_M View Post
            Suzduarte, was an inventory carried out when you moved in the property? Did you sign it and give it to the landlady?
            Yes I did Jennifer


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