Cockroaches and various damage

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    Cockroaches and various damage

    I just had to pay my local authority to clear cockroaches from my tenanted property Seems that in other types of property that tenants on benefits pay a reduced fee. I believe it is the life style of the tenants which cause the problem.

    Hardly a week goes by without a request for maintenance much of which is caused by the tenants. If they were more careful the damage would not happen.

    The property was newly redecorated when they moved in 15 months ago and it now needs doing again.

    Are these good enough reasons to give the tenants notice.

    Assuming this is an assured shorthold tenancy in England/Wales, you do not need to give any reason to evict a tenant via the s.21 route.

    Note that, while you have statutory repairing obligations under s.11 Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, if T causes the damage then he is liable for the cost of repair, and if the disrepair does not fall under s.11 then the T is responsible for arranging and paying for the repair. T is normally responsible for arranging and paying for pest control if the pests were not present at the start of the tenancy and the infestation is not due to disrepair. In short, LL is not responsible for absolutely everything, so make sure you don't pay for things which aren't your responsibility.

    See these links for more information:

    If you would like further help with evicting via s.21, please answer the following Qs:

    Is the property in England/Wales?
    What date (dd/mm/yy) did the fixed term commence?
    What is the length of the term?
    Is rent payable monthly or weekly?
    Did T pay a deposit and, if so, is it protected and did you provide T with the prescribed information?


      Many thanks for your response. Apparently roaches arrived in October/ November almost a year after tenants. They did not notify me a contractor found them in Feb. They were crawling all over the place including the babies cot. I cannot believe anyone could sleep with insects crawling all over the place.

      There is no deposit but I charged extra because of the lack of deposit so there is now a little fund. There is also a local authority 'deposit scheme'.

      I know that I am not responsible for everything but my tenants seem to think I am running a 4* hotel service hardly a week goes by when they do not call for some reason or other.

      It was let unfurnished but I left various pieces of equipment/furniture at their request and they rather want them replaced. Tough!


        Has the fixed term of their AST ended?
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          With regard to the cockroaches - is this a house or a flat?

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            Hi im a pest controller, is this a house or flat and what type of cockroaches are they if you know, german or oriental?


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