where to advertise 4 tenants?

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    where to advertise 4 tenants?


    Can anyone tell me which is a good website to advertise for tenants. Something tried and tested. I have use a few already but nothing that really stands out.

    Many thanks !

    Originally posted by lee2309 View Post
    Can anyone tell me which is a good website to advertise for tenants. Something tried and tested. I have use a few already but nothing that really stands out.
    It depends where you are looking for tenants, and probably what sort of tenants - eg if you are marketing an upmarket flat to young professionals in London, I would think a web advert would be the only way to go - but out in the sticks like wot I am, forget it. I've tried lots of web adverts in the past and never found anything which generates any real response; round here the local weekly paper is well known to be 'the' place to look for rental property, and adverts are priced accordingly!

    If you search the archives of this newsgroup you'll find a list of rental websites which gets repeated from time to time (look under my name; I reproduced it once).


      I've used letalife- free and with a link from this site- twice and got quick responses both times.


        i had a professional printer make me a to let sign with my phone no. on the size of the front upstairs bedroom. i put it up on Thurs morning and had to turn off my phone by Sat afternoon! in excess off 50!!! wanted to apply for the house.
        not bad for a £20 sign eh?
        ps. and tennancy agreed at £50 more than an estate agent said he could get me rent


          Sorry that I can't recommend a place for you to advertise but I can recommend a couple of places which I am wary of using again but if your property is suitable for DSS, student or immigrants, they should be fine.

          Loot newspaper

          The vast majority of the calls and emails I received were from letting agents despite the disclaimer not to be contacted by them - at least 7 out of 10 calls I fielded.

          The next highest group that contacted me were students (despite a stipulation for working professionals) and people seeking short-term accommodation (despite a stipulation that I was seeking long-term tenants).

          Gumtree is aimed towards people from the international community visiting the UK. I found that prospective tenants from this site prefer to use private landlords rather than letting agents, but only because they hope that private landlords will be casual around matters like tenant verification, inventories, deposits and tenancy agreements. Even though the advert made it clear that there would be a professional approach to the tenancy, once I reiterated it on the phone or by email when they made initial enquiries, most lost interest.

          In addition, it was clear that most prospective tenants were planning to have their fellow tenants live in the 2 reception rooms so overcrowding and subletting would have been a problem.

          I know my local letting agent won't advertise in Loot because it's stalked by 'bargain hunters' as he terms them.

          Perhaps other people have had more luck using the Gumtree or Loot when trying to find professional tenants but I found them very frustrating experiences.

          You could consider making up a nice A4 or A5 colour poster with good quality images of the property and all the relevant information on it and putting it up on noticeboards of local shops and cafes, for example. It would at least mean that it would be viewed by people familiar with the local area and keen to remain there.


            Good Question

            Have been wondering the same thing myself !! Apart from Rightmove where the world and his wife advertises, I don't think there is a lot thats tried and tested. I have tried Letalife as someone here has suggested, but there are only 2 people in my area looking for properties, and they seem to have unrealistic budgets. I agree with the comment about the Gumtree website, perhaps not the kind of perfect Tenant that we would all want in our properties!! Any other suggestions Guys ??



              1. you can contact an agent. Most agencies have this service. try info@herts-lettings.co.uk, they will sign official contract with the tenants on your behalf, change all utility bills, carry out credit checks, etc.

              2. advertise on luton gumtree. www.gumtree.co.uk

              3, you can also try flatmateclick and easyroomate..maybe.. or rightmove and find a property.

              hope it helps.


                try lettingzone.co.uk

                I know its another rival site that has a similar function to this site. It doesnt provide a forum though and is quite basic.

                But, it does allow you to advertise. For a one of fee of £20.00 you can advertise two properties for up to 30 days. It acts as some sort of third party by then notifying fish 4,property finder,msn,yahoo ete etc.Easy to manage portfolio section where you can upload pictures.I have used it for a long time and found its very successful. Also try torent.co.uk


                  If you accept housing benefit tenants, contact your local authority. Whenever I get a vacancy, I can fill it almost immediately. I have even had tenants waiting to move in while the previous one moved out.


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