Taking over management: new paperwork?

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    Taking over management: new paperwork?


    I have a tenant who's been in a property of mine for 6 months. The day to day management until now has been handled by a letting agency, but I've decided to take on full management myself now (as they were more hindrance than help).

    The original agreement was an AST, which they've forwarded to me (well, a single page with signatures and a few bullet points, not full T&Cs). It has my name on it as the landlord, but because of the lack of detail, there's no mention of staying on after the fixed term period. Honestly, it all looks a bit noddy, and I'd rather have something more substantial drawn up now I'm taking it on myself.

    Of course my tenant now moves to a monthly periodic tenancy, which I'm more than happy with.

    The thing is, now that the situation's changed and the tenant's paying me, not the agency, I'd like some paperwork for both our benefit. I got hold of a standard blank AST agreement, but having read through it all, I don't think it really applies (unless I specify the "fixed term" as one month). Is this standard practice for renewing tenancy agreements?

    Or do I need a specific contractual periodic tenancy agreement, that is assumed to follow on from the letting agency's original AST? Where would I get hold of a CPT form if I needed one?

    Any advice gratefully received


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