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    tenant's gfriend problem

    i have a tenant that moved in 20 years ago - he signed a new contract 6 months ago, with his name on it

    but his gfriend has moved in the past few months

    i'd prefer just him in there as we agreed, as she has been disturbing the neighbouring tenents

    i've politely ask her to find a new residence

    where do i stand from a legal point of view with regards to her moving?

    What does the tenancy say about subletting or guests staying.... (I can't read it from here...).

    e.g. My standard wording (albeit Scottish but ...) says...

    The Tenant agrees not to:
    i. assign this tenancy to any other person; or
    ii. sublet the accommodation in whole or in part; or
    iii. take in lodgers or paying guests; or
    iv.allow other persons to share the occupation of the premises, whether or not for payment, without the prior written consent of the Landlord.
    v. (If appropriate..) List of Names of any agreed residents other than tenant....
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      She's not your tenant. You have no authority to evict her. All you can do is evict the tenant and she'd have to go when he was evicted.

      But if the T moved in in 1991, he'll have an assured tenancy unless you served a s.20 notice, and assured tenants are very difficult to evict.


        sounds like i cant do anything about it then!


          Originally posted by Evergreen View Post
          sounds like i cant do anything about it then!
          Talk to your tenant about the problems she is causing?
          'Pause you who read this, and think for a moment of the long chain of iron or gold, of thorns or flowers, that would never have bound you, but for the formation fo the first link on one memorable day'. Charles Dickens, Great Expectations


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            by doobrey

            In my view, both sides must be free to choose. If you take away the right of businesses (which LLs are, whether they consider themselves to be or not) to assess risk and respond accordingly they will not be in business for very long. And if the LLs disappear then tenants prospects...
            19-05-2022, 08:18 AM
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            A friend of mine who is a single parent with three children is trying to find a house to rent. She has three children and recieves UC mainly to help with childcare costs, but despite viewing several houses and showing interest and showing she is more than able to pay rent, she has been turned down and...
            18-05-2022, 16:32 PM
          • Reply to Single parent renting
            by Dct
            The UC is too help pay for childcare, so she can work ( and does work full time), therefore pay rent/bills etc etc. It just feels like some landlords make sweeping judgements as soon as they hear single parent in receipt of UC
            19-05-2022, 08:16 AM
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            by DoricPixie
            You don't need to get the details from the Land Registry. The tenant can request, in writing, the letting agency to supply the landlord's contact details citing the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. I'm not sure how wise that would be if it could potentially hack off the landlord although I do wonder...
            19-05-2022, 08:09 AM
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            I’m a tenant facing a sharp rent increase and in need of advice.

            I have a good landlord who agreed to a rent reduction last year because of ongoing maintenance issues and lower market values. However, I can only communicate with them through an agency.

            Approaching the end...
            18-05-2022, 22:10 PM
          • Reply to Single parent renting
            by jpkeates
            Dct If the reason that your friend can't get a tenancy is because she's a woman or because she has children, it is probably discriminatory.
            Which is probably a reason no one is going to explain why she's being turned down.

            Being on benefits isn't going to help either - because people...
            19-05-2022, 08:02 AM
          • Reply to Advice for tenant asked for big rent rise
            by jpkeates
            I can't tell you how hacked off I would be if one of my tenants did that.

            The agreement has a price variation clause in it, the landlord and tenant have both agreed to it,...
            19-05-2022, 07:58 AM
          • Reply to Advice for tenant asked for big rent rise
            by theartfullodger
            Spend £3 with gov.uk land registry and get deeds which will get owner name and address then communicate directly
            Agree with above advice

            Agent probably wants new agreement signed so they charge landlord fees....
            19-05-2022, 07:21 AM
          • Reply to Advice for tenant asked for big rent rise
            by jpucng62
            The S21 threat is just that - no LL wants to go through that process to evict a good tenant and it maybe the agent who is behind this. However, market rents have shot up over the last year. I think you should try to negotiate.

            Your LL seems decent, having given you a rent reduction last...
            19-05-2022, 06:54 AM
          • Reply to Advice for tenant and section 8 counter claim
            by jpkeates
            You can counter claim for compensation to offset the rent owed in a Section 8 claim.
            But a claim for compensation for PTSD triggered by a dispute about an electricity bill and subsequent harassment is going to be tough to argue in what’s likely to be a 15 minute property court hearing.
            19-05-2022, 06:35 AM