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  • Tenancy Agreement For Rooms?


    I would like to rent out the 4 rooms in my house to 4 different people. They will share the kitchen and the bathroom. I have checked my local council web site and this wont need to be a licenced HMO.

    How ever my question is what sort of tenany agreement will i need for this set up. I my self wont be staying at the property.

    Is there any other things I need to be aware of like fire doors etc? The house does have mains operated Fire alarms!


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    A question often asked!

    There are too many problems but here are just a few:-
    1. You will have a devil to prove damage by one tenant if their only exclusive room is a bedroom, and tenants won't take kindly to being unjustly accused if they weren't responsible.
    2. Separate ASTs create the above problem.
    3. One AST with four tenant on it is difficult if they are individuals always "on the move", and you would need to re-issue it at every tenant change (a pain!)
    4. If you lived at the property you wouldn't need any agreement as they would be lodgers not tenants and you could boot anybody out at anytime without notice.
    The advice I give should not be construed as a definitive answer, and is without prejudice or liability. You are advised to consult a specialist solicitor or other person of equal legal standing.


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      thanks Paul for the prompt reply.

      I see what you mean about the tenants not admitting to whos fault it was. The property has just been rennovated and every thing is brand new. I intend to take lots of pics and get the tenants to sign a form which states the condition of thir rooms and the shared amenities. Should some thing happen and if some one cant be held responsible do you think it would be possible to place a clause in the agreement that the damages are recovered equally from all tenants im sure under these circumstances other tenants will identify who is to blame!

      Would a normal AST suffice for this letting of rooms or is there another special contract?

      I would like to have them as logdgers which would give me powers to get rid of bad tenants but it means losing a room and hence the rent which at the moment with the amount of loans i have seems losing a loan repayment!



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        if they are starting at the same time - i cant see why they cant be treated as sharers on one AST, giving them either verbal or written assurance that they wont be jointly responsible for each others rent.


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          Although it isn't a licensable HMO it is a HMO by definition and therefore the fire precautions would depend on the layout of the property, i.e what grade of fire alarm system you have installed, the amount of storeys, etc.

          Your best option would be to contact your local council and ask them for an inspection. If you are ask them for advice they are usually very helpful in what they would be looking.


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