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  • How many estimates?

    Well its been a while now since my last post

    ( )

    After posting that we wrote to my landlord as follows......

    As you are aware, we are suffering substantial difficulty and subsequent inconvenience due to several issues with regards to our rental property.

    To date although you have been previously informed of these problems on many occasions you appear to have done nothing to alleviate this difficulty. When we commenced rental of the property on 24 May 2005 we were informed that the electricity supply would be sorted within a week, we have now been occupying this property and paying full rent for use of all amenities for 15 months and have so far seen no sign of a suitable electricity supply being offered.
    Furthermore, as you are fully aware the heating to the bathroom of the property has been non-functioning since approximately October 2005 and the damp in the bathroom clearly seen on the walls (which you yourself have inspected) has been increasing since this date as well. We believe that this is an unsuitable situation and you have been informed many times of this problem. To date we are still awaiting an action plan with a fixed work schedule for the remedying of this. The damp constitutes a health and safety risk however you do not seem willing to perform the duties of a landlord to bring the property up to the level of a suitable living condition.
    We feel we have given you perfectly adequate time to solve these problems and have informed you on many occasions of our dissatisfaction. Due to your continued inaction and apparent unconcern with fulfilling the duties of a landlord, we now feel we have no other choice but to give you written notice of our intentions. Therefore, you have 28 days from the date of this letter to bring the property up to a suitable standard of living condition, by providing us with a suitable and personal electricity supply, fixing the heating in the bathroom and removing all damp from the walls. If you have not done so in 28 days we will have no option but to with hold payment of rent in order to employ contractors to perform this work ourselves. Once this work has been carried out and payment made to the contractors we will recommence with the full payment of rent, unless you fulfil your duties as landlord and carry our work as requested in which case we will of cause continue to pay rent as before.
    We look forward to your response and an end to these difficulties

    Now my question is how many estimates do I have to get before employing someone to carry out this work?

    All we have seen from the landlord is he came round (just turned up at 6pm 1 night) with an electrician in tow. Nothing was fixed, but after checking out the electrics they disconected something from the bathroom heating which was found to be faulty

    Can i also pass on charges for having to go through the hastle of ringing round and sorting this myself?

    We are now looking to move tbh though but flats / houses in our price range are rare in my area

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    Yes, your ideas to rectify the situation seem to be valid.

    However, what will you do when the landlord cottons on that he can ask you to leave with two months’ notice and no reason given? Surely at that point you would have to ask yourself “why am I bothering to get involved in sorting out HIS house?”

    You should do your best to find alternative, bigger, brighter, better accommodation with a more clued-up landlord.


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      To answer your main question, the general consensus is that you should get at least 3 estimates.
      Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


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        Thanks for the replys guys. I was thinking 3 sounded fair but better safe than sorry right? no harm checking


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