Single mother on HB rejected by every landlord

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  • Single mother on HB rejected by every landlord

    Hi, i am an 18 year old, single mum with a 14 month old son. i have gone to every estate agent ive seen and i never hear anything back from them. Im on a a finders fee scheme with the council where i have to look for a property myself and then the council sort out the paperwork and pay the deposit, then i will be paying for rent by housing benefit. im really frustrated because it seems like nobody wants to take me on as they are always saying ''no dss'' and it makes me feel like scum! i was just wondering if anyone could help me with finding a 2 bedroom house/flat in the middlesex area. if you pm me i can send my email address. thanks a lot.

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      I sympathise with you .. so many LL and Agents class everyone on Housing Benefit the same.

      However, they can do it.

      Do you have anyone who can stand as Guarantor for you? Many LL/Agents are quite happy if they have this additional security.
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        Try putting a "wanted to rent" advert in your local Kwik Save or newsagents. Also try the local housing advice centre (sometimes run by the local council) and the local CAB.

        Someone will take you on - its only a question of time and effort in putting yourself forward to a wider audience.


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          Not really had any experience myself... but maybe try the Wanted To Rent section in Gumtree.


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            Additionally, if you have the funds to pay rent in advance whilst waiting for your HB payments in arrears, this will help boost your chances in many landlords' eyes.


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