Who is responsible for Repairs?

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    Who is responsible for Repairs?


    I am still new to the BTL scene, so please handle gently. My BTL property is a flat in a block. There is a property above and one below mine. I got a letter from the agent saying the tenant complained of a leaking ceiling in the bathroom. On further enquiries was informed the leak was from the flat above and had been fixed. All that was left was to repaint the bathroom ceiling.

    My question is who should be responsible for the paintwork? Should it be me, the owner of the flat above who caused the leak in the first place or the freeholder?

    Responses please.

    You may wish to contact your Buildings insurer, as they may pay out. If they do ,they may wish to contact the owner of the flat above to claim the money back, but then you don't need to get involved.



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