Notices to T; and can L contact T's parents?

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    Originally posted by wrusst View Post
    if i get the deposit back do i the deduct it from the bill
    Yes, of course, if you are awarded the deposit then it reduces the amount of money owed by T.

    they want evidence so I take it i put through all damages and rent arrears then do apply for the rest in court?
    Yes, or you could tell the deposit scheme that you're going to pursue T via the court, and they will hold onto the deposit pending the court result (and pay the money to you if you get a judgment telling them to).

    So rent wise when can I claim to if I went in for repairs and what the max time i can wait before court
    You have six years to make a claim in the county court. Whether or not there has been a surrender depends on your actions following T's departure - if you haven't actually re-let the property, I would probably claim rent for the remainder of the fixed term and leave it up to the court to decide whether there was a surrender or not.

    left 500 on the gas am i liable for this
    Unless the tenancy contract says LL is liable for utilities bills, then T is liable.


      Originally posted by westminster View Post
      I would probably claim rent for the remainder of the fixed term
      P.S. note that you have to wait until the rent actually falls due to claim it, so best to wait until you've re-let and then it'll be clear exactly how much rent is unpaid.


        Originally posted by wrusst View Post
        "9 If you give us notice that you are going to leave the property before this agreement has ended,
        you must pay our reasonable costs for reletting the property as well as paying the rent until a new
        tenant moves in".
        More numpty drafting.


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