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    Bailliffs warrant

    Judge said if we needed bailliffs' warrant to evict tenant, it would take 2 weeks from date tenant is supposed to be out. Reading posts though suggest it could take alot longer.

    And your question is?
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      Try and speak to the Bailiff, as they will have a clearer answer as to how long.

      I was granted possession on the 21st October, but tenant is still there, basically because I put paperwork into my local court, and asked it to be transferred to the court that covers the property area, but this was not done correctly.

      The bailiffs have also been off work for a few weeks due to Christmas, so they may have a back log.

      Also make sure that you fill in the return slip at the bottom of the form to confirm that you or someone acting for you will be attending.

      2 weeks does seem very quick, my local bailiff in Rugby would be working on around 6 - 8 weeks, if he's not off sick or on holiday.


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