AST tenancy to end within a week and tenant has died

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  • AST tenancy to end within a week and tenant has died

    Hoping someone can help, have read through many of the other topics in relation to death of a tenant but none of them cover when to lease is due to expire which is in less that a weeks time.

    My question is what happens, the tenant resided in the premises on his own however over the last few months he has given many friends and family a set of keys, I lease the whole of the premises and sublet the flat to him 5 years ago, i do not make any money on the premises as it was done purely to maintain the noise levels from the flat , he paid two weeks deposit and whilst i am sympathetic of what the family is going through as we had it earlier this year we also cannot afford not to have the property let. What happens next week when the lease has expired do we change the locks and who is responsible if friends who he gave the keys to take things from the premises. If the lease is expired would that mean if anyone decided to move in who has keys whilst no agreement is in place they would have squatters rights

    Obviously we want this to be amicable with the family as the tenant himself was a lovely person, however i want to give them time to deal with it but also need to know what rights we have.


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    As the tenant is no longer in occupation, you will be safe in changing the locks upon the expiry of the tenancy agreement. I think it is incumbent upon you to do so as you know of the other keyholders. This will prevent security issues for your next tenant and the squatter issue. If it is a yale type lock, changing the barrel will cost less than a tenner.

    The estate remains liable for the rent until the end of the agreement.

    Your tenancy agreement may allow you to charge the estate the cost of new locks.

    With regard to Ts possessions - see here.


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      Thank you for coming back to me.

      I'm not worried about the cost of the locks as this would be something we would do anyway, it's obviously just a sensitive issue and i'm sure the family will sort out his belonging's, my main concern was the number of people coming and going and the security and squatters issue's.



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