Can sec 21 proceedings be started while sec 8 proceedings are still occuring?

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    Can sec 21 proceedings be started while sec 8 proceedings are still occuring?

    Right my wretched tenant has been served sec 8 and sec 21 notices just before Christmas. Sec 8 will be expiring next week. So I shall begin court proceedings under sec 8. However as things go if it gets delayed and hearings after hearing, still no decision from the courts. By that time my Sec 21 notice expires. What should I do then? Can I start sec 21 proceedings as well and see which one gets the chap evicted first or do I have to wait until my sec 8 proccedings are completed and only take action under sec 21 if the court rules against me. To be safe should I not file another sec 21 notice before the end of the month, as I am not sure my sec 21 will still be valid in three months time if it has not been exercised?

    When you start your s8 proceedings (presuming you do so on-line) you will be given a court date immediately. Providing that date isn't too far after the expiry of your s21 then I would wait until you know the outcome - why waste another £150?

    Providing it was valid in the first place, and assuming you haven't issued a new tenancy agreement since it was issued (!) then your s21 will remain valid indefinitely.


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