Fire at flat; what neighbours did

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  • Fire at flat; what neighbours did

    Some undesirable council tenants living near me managed to burn out their flat yesterday. They were recognised as the local drunkards who would patronise the park bench. I suppose that’ll be another hike in the council tax we’ll have to pay. One good thing (hopefully) to come out of this - they will be moved on by the council.

    Whilst my neighbours and I were watching the fire brigade team going about their necessary work, we observed two elderly women in two separate but close flats to the burning flat staring blankly out of their windows. They had apparently resisted neighbours' help to get them to safety. From what we could see, they were so obstinate that the ambulance crews had to treat them in their homes, not in a smoke-free ambulance.

    Ho hum.

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    And the reason that those too old ladies obstinately remained in their flats was probably that they had lived there for many years and were their homes. They were probably afraid that if they left their properties, some do-gooding social worker would appear and announce that they couldn't return and must take up residence in an old peoples home. This they feared more than the risk of being burned alive or killed by smoke inhalation. What does this say about our society?

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