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    Private Sector Leasing


    I have a problem with a PSL scheme I entered into and was hoping someone here might be able to advise me.

    Brief Background:

    I entered in to a 3 year Private Sector Leasing Scheme with a London Council just over a year ago. This scheme is managed through a group of letting agents specified by the council.

    The lease agreement is between the agent and myself with references to the council in the clauses. Under its terms in order to terminate the lease before the 3 years I am required to give three months notice – which may or may not be accepted but the agent may give 28 days’ notice to terminate the lease (seems odd).


    The council, through the agent, tried to offer me significantly lower rent midway through the lease stating their budget had been cut. I rejected their offer and said if they were unable to pay me the agreed rate then they should send me the required 28 days notice to terminate the lease and hand me vacant possession.

    It all went quiet for six months after which a received a letter saying the tenants would be moving out in 3 days and they would hand back the property immediately thereafter. I did not receive any notice of termination let alone 28 days. The agent says because I didn’t accept the lower rate this is the same as a notice. That sounds like BS.

    The property was left in a state of serious disrepair despite the agreement of “regular inspections” by the council.

    Do I have the right to make a claim for the 28 days notice required by the lease and the loss of rent because of the abrupt ending of the lease as well as the disrepair?

    Any thoughts on this would be much appreciated.


    Any thoughts guys?


      Well I'd definitely have a go at claiming on the basis don't ask don't get. Was any deposit paid? I would also write to the letting agent/copy to council asking why damage was not notiified earlier and ask for details of their inspections. Don't forget to document damage now and had you an inventory before the start of the leaseing?

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