Unprotected deposit and end of tenancy

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    That makes sense
    I fear he will never give me his new address to serve any act


      Hmmm, well, that's perhaps one good reason for trying to protect the deposit with the DPS, because you can then claim from them using their adjudication service - if T doesn't respond to the dispute, then you can use the 'single claim' procedure.

      Alternatively, you can use a tracing agent. There are many who offer a no-find-no-fee service, e.g.

      And if T starts a county court claim against you, he'll have to put his home address on the claim.


        Should I protect the full amount? I suppose so.
        I am thinking to do so right away as the last sign of the T was via email on the 30 after which I asked to pls answer to each point raised in the inventory and let me know what demands he did not agree.
        How long can some one act if the tenancy is ended? How long does it normally take to hear from Court?
        I have read somewhere that it cannot go through Small Claim if it is a depositx3 case should go to "normal" Court


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