Rented out 1 room then rented my own room

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    Rented out 1 room then rented my own room

    Advice needed,

    I rented out a room in my flat to a girl for a year and half. Three months ago I decided to move in with my boyfriend. So this then left my room vacant, with this in mind I then decided to rent my room also.

    The new person who has moved in to my room seemed all good at first but then became generally messy and untidy. So much so that the girl who I had living there for a year and half decided to move out. Now it would appear I will be left with an untidy tenant renting my room and unable to rent the other one again.

    The contract which I gave the new tenant is a basic contract where either party can give 30 days notice to terminate. So my question is (bearing in mind the person is only renting a room rather than the whole flat) can I serve a s21 / notice to terminate the contract.

    I would be grateful of any advice on how to manage this situation.

    Many thanks.

    I don't understand the nature of the contract you have given the new tenant. If you are not living there, and they have exclusive possession of a room, they will have an assured shorthold tenancy? You need the advice of an eviction specialist to check over your contract, because I suspect it will not be of any use to you.


      That's true. However you can serve a S21(1)(b) to the tenant to terminate the letting at the end of the initial six month period. If she does not vacate then, you will have to apply to the court for a PO.
      By moving out you have inadvertently created an 'assured shorthold tenancy' for your new tenant. The terms are dictated by statute which has precedence over your agreement.
      I offer no guarantee that anything I say is correct. wysiwyg


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