Using Desposit as Last Months Rent - Terrible Flat

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    Using Desposit as Last Months Rent - Terrible Flat

    I have decided to move out of my flat and have informed the landlord i will be using my deposit as the last months rent. She has told me I am not allowed to do so as it states in my lease.

    However, I am no longer in a lease with her, i signed a 6 month lease when i moved in and have now lived here for over a year. There are also a number of issues with my flat which have driven me to not want to give my landlord my last months rent.

    I do not trust that she will return the deposit to me. My room is in the same condition as it was when i moved in as are the other rooms. The other thing about my flat is, we do not have an HMO even though there are 5 of us living here. No fireproof doors, no fire blankets, we do not even have a carbon monoxide detector. I was told we would get an HMO at the start of september, however, there is still no sign.

    There have been many issues over my time here which have not been fixed despite our constant efforts to get our landlord to fix them. Can she really do much about me not paying my last months rent and using my deposit?

    In reality there is little the landlord can do. They will claim the final months rent from the deposit scheme. If there is any repairs/damage she may pursue you or your guarantor.

    Most tenants do what you intend to do.


      1. Even though your AST was for 6 months it went periodic after that time so you are in an agreement like it or not.

      2. Your deposit should have been protected in one of the deposit protection schemes. If so your landlord will have to make a claim to have the deposit as rent. Is the deposit in a scheme?

      3. The downside of leaving like this is that you are in breach of your contract and don't get a landlord's reference which may be asked for by your new landlord.

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