HB and the suggested form of a rent statement for AST tenancy

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    HB and the suggested form of a rent statement for AST tenancy

    I have a let a flat on a 12 month AST. The rent is paid directly by HB every 4 weeks in arrears, so it has worked well. I am assuming that its contractually correct to present that the rent is due in advance but the HB is accepted as those few weeks behind?
    I ask because the tenant has asked for a rent statement a few months in. I do not mind doing it, but presumably it is not a necessity,as I dont think I have seen any references to one. Is there any sort of standard format that has been used anywhere, or will simply a clear statement with dates suffice? My own records adapted a bit would be clear for example. Bobjake

    Just give the tenant a sheep of A4 with their rent paid on it by date. An agency or major landlord may have a form for this but it is not essential.

    Tenant probably wants to show someone that his/her rent is being paid and is up to date. No big mystery.

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      Originally posted by Interlaken View Post
      Just give the tenant a sheep
      Baa-rly convenient to post to the council.





        ("Google" "Rent statement sample"....) or, to be really unkind..., let me google that for you...


        I've seen a variety of Rent Statements from councils, HAs & letting agencies..

        There seems to be no common format...

        Council may be asking him for one (eg HB dept checking up ..) , or possibly someone trying to sort out his debts (beware!!)

        What will "suffice" probably depends on who/why it is being asked for... In your shoes I'd ask him why...
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          Thanks a lot for the advice and the links, its much appreciated. I see the housing association example identifies arrears as a matter of course given the delay before HB is paid, albeit on a weekly basis on that example. As long as the HB payment remains direct I will feel that the rent is secure. If it switches to the tenant's control at this juncture the potential risk for a couple of months arrears rises very rapidly. Cheers bobjake


            Originally posted by Snorkerz View Post
            Baa-rly convenient to post to the council.
            Or an I O ewe, to ram it home or point it tup.
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