How to locate landlord/defendant for service of proceedings?

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    How to locate landlord/defendant for service of proceedings?

    Another forum that I browse has a thread where multiple parties are seeking the home address of the same Landlord so they can proceed with court action. At least 4 groups of tenants did not have their deposits returned and 2 have either kicked off or wish to kick off a small claims request through the courts.

    The first party did win his small claims court judgement and wishes to proceed to serving a warrant of execution as the Landlord has not paid the outstanding sum.

    The second party are also seeking to reclaim their witheld deposit by starting the small claims action.

    In both instances, the agencies they used to get their accommodation and which are still advertising their properties will not notify them of the Landlord's address and are uncooperative.

    They've used to try and locate the residential address of the Landlord but the Landlord has a common name and there are 33 of them residing in London alone!

    So what advice can you give to people queuing up to take the Landlord through the small claims court who has gone to ground?


    If the agency is a member of any organisation such as ARLA, complain to them.

    Look up the owner of the property on the Land Registry website for a cost of £2.


      It's £3 now for a copy of the title information and £3 for a copy of the plan.


        Thanks to all. The response from those trying to take their landlord through the small claims court is 'Bingo!' - letters are now in the post.


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