Landlord demanding cash (not s/o)

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    Landlord demanding cash (not s/o)

    We recently rented the propert we are in, moving in 10th July. We used estate agents and when we signed up the estate agents arranged everything, we checked what we signed of course.
    The standing order was set for the 10th, we should have been moving in the week before but the landlord informed us they were not ready....fair enough.
    So on the 10th Aug we both began to recieve phone messages regarding the standing order. So my partner checked the bank, the money had gone out. We corresponded this information. But then we began recieving messages via our mobiles and home amswering machine demanding we take cash to his brothers house. We happened to be in locality of the estate agents, they had had phone calls too. The landlord had demanded copies of the standing order. We were advised because standing orders take 3 days, we didn't know and signed what the agent had prepared, to rearrange another standing order dated 3 days before. We did it.
    The landlords upset us in the things they had said, I feel very uncomfortable here.
    Next thing, theres a leak through the front door and there are water marks rising. We rang the phone number on the contract, his brothers, and he said because he and his wife have been arguing due to the amount of work he had done on this house he was having nothing more to do with it, he said he'd ring his brother (the landlord). We haven't got his number ourselves and he lives in london, we are in manchester.
    So far we havent heard anything...its day 2.
    I need to know my rights.
    Oh yeah, he put vynl flooring in the kitchen and its began to warp....its not kitchen designed. I'm extremely nervous.
    Advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    There's not normally an issue with the gas certificate timing other than the very first one.
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    s8 not an issue

    s21 see

    - there's...
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