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    Want to know how much it costs to rent in areas of the UK, use the RRPI http://www.rentright.co.uk/rrpi.aspx

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    Is it just me, or is this about (or includes) holiday rentals? Why would the average price jump to over £2000/mth in August & back down to £627 in September for a 2- bed house? And why else would there be no information for Hull?!


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      an interesting site, but dont know what this applies too, as checked out my area and find prices listed are around 50% higher than what i can rent out for on average, or what any others in this area are being rented at.
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        Blimey.....that site seems widely inaccurate! It gives an average of £1350 for our area where the market would only achieve £950 at best.

        Someones spent a fair amount of time setting that site up, shame its not very accurate.


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          The site is total guff - apart from obviously including holiday lets as Caroline points out, which completely skews the results, it's clearly only based on very limited data, ie from the few people who've advertised on its sister site so far.

          I've tried clicking on lots of towns and every single one comes back 'no data' - only seems to work for big cities. And no indication of how many properties their average is based on, so it might be as little as a single entry generating a so-called 'average' - that info needs to be clearly shown to enable the data displayed to be even halfway meaningful.

          "....lies, damned lies and statistics" - Mark Twain

          Another point - the ££ figures quoted are of course advertised rents, not actual rents paid by tenants after negotiation; and on balance, the properties which remain advertised on the site for the longest (skewing the data) are those which are over-priced and which nobody will pay for.

          Finally, I rather object to the name "RRPI" which is obviously an attempt at gaining credibility by likening this to the well-known RPI.


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            I found a pretty cool site, to overcome those high housing prices. Its something Im thinking of doing, to Co-invest with another person and buying a portfolio quicker. Ive seen a few sites for this. The one i used was gohalves.co.uk


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