Warning bell: Tenant asks to delay rent: how to respond?

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  • MrShed
    I totally agree with pippay. The tenant definitely sounds fairly honest etc. I would agree with pippays suggestion, and thank the tenant for being honest and letting you know...ask her to keep you posted on how she is getting on etc.

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  • pippay
    I can understand your concerns ..

    However, it seems to me the tenant is certainly trying to resolve the situation and keeping you informed, with a solution - certainly for this month - surely gains points, in my book. Many tenants just wouldn't bother !

    However, how to proceed .. as you quite rightly say, you don't seem to have much choice in the matter, so perhaps, say (write) to her something along the lines of : it's Ok for this month, but if I agree to it, it is on the basis that all future rents are paid on time.

    Communicate with her and try and find out if her period of sickness is over or is likely to continue/re-occur. Once you have this information, you will be in a much better position to decide what to do which includes issuing a S21 to expire at the end of the fixed term. You still have plenty of time to do this if this is the ultimate option you choose.

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  • Warning bell: Tenant asks to delay rent: how to respond?

    I have a tenant 3 months in to a 6-month AST. She's just written to me to let me know that she's been off work sick for some time, can't afford this month's rent payment (due yesterday), and will it be OK if she pays it a week late as her Mum is going to help her out?

    I'm a bit new to this and this is the first time this has happened to me and I'd welcome some advice on how best to respond. In principle I'm Ok with her suggestion - not that it looks like I have any choice! - but I want to be firm but fair and make it clear I'm not a soft touch and won't be taken for a ride... eg if I just say "sure, that's OK, I understand" I can guess what will happen next!.

    Bit worried about the sickness thing as she's quite new to her job, and under 25, so doesn't bode well for me if she ends up unemployed.


    What do you reckon??

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