Utility bills still on my name while I moved out!

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    Utility bills still on my name while I moved out!


    I moved out of a flat I was renting until April 2010. Before leaving, I called EDF Energy to settle all outstanding bills regarding gas and electricity. I paid everything up until my departure date.

    A couple of months thereafter, I received bills related to my previous flat but for the period after I left basically. I called EDF Energy, who explained to me that a new account has been re-opened and that it has been re-opened on my name (again) despite the fact that I had left.

    Since then, I have been dealing with a very annoying situation whereby EDF are asking money to me for those bills post my departure date, and they also say that until they get a confirmation from my previous landlord that I indeed left the flat in April they cannot do anything.

    The problem is that my landlord is a lazy and dishonest individual. We had a disagreement on the deposit, and I had to threaten him to go to court to get it back in April. Both EDF and myself have been chasing the landlord to get a written confirmation of my leaving date but he has not sent anything to EDF so far.

    Because of this, EDF are now threatening me to take legal action against me because the bills are still outstanding (!). In my view, I see two things:

    1. If it is EDF that re-opened a new account under my name, without my approval, I should clearly not be responsible for all this mess and they should deal with it themselves!

    2. If it is my landlord who indicated that the account should be re-opened on my name, he is the one to blaim and he should notify EDF ASAP

    I am stuck in between these 2 parties and I am now being legally threatened...

    What can I please do from a legal point of view? My landlord does not pick up my calls and EDF keep telling me they cannot do anything until they hear from my landlord... and they are getting very serious with their legall proceedings.

    Thanks for your help.

    Presumably the current occupant is getting free gas and electricity.

    It's quite outrageous for EDF to open another account in your name without your say-so.

    If you were the sole occupier of the premises in question, there may be another document which could confirm the date of your leaving - council tax demand/refund for instance. You might also be able to demonstrate that you now live somewhere else - utility bills/council tax demand/tenancy agreement for a different property?


      You could do a search for who currently lives there and provide the information to EDF. See


      I don't know which search would provide you with the sort of evidence you need, so call them first.


        Well, it should be the responsibility of the landlord to communicate this information I guess... do you think that it would be legal for EDF to take legal actions against me in the above described situation? I would like to force them to stop harrassing me and to deal with this issue themselves. We are in an advanced stage and I fear they ask someone to enter my new property and take some of my belongins to recover this silly debt I now have!


          1. Did you take readings when you left the property
          2. Do you have proof of payment of the final account
          3. IF yes to both of those then there are no issues
          4. When EDF energy call you next take the name/operator number of the person calling and then making it very clear to them that the debt was cleared on xx date and that all further enquiries should be made to the occupants of the property. In the alternatvie give them the LL details. Make it clear that should they call you again you will report them for harassment to regulator. If they still call just put the phone down without response

          5. No they cannot enter your property so take no notice of the threats. In summary providing you have the evidence of payment then their problem not yours.
          6. Their system will show your phone calls indicating notification of change of user.
          7. Finally write a letter to them, send RDS, say not me it is him (or her) go away!!)

          All of these big companies merely operate from computer generated lists which their "debt chasers" are required to trawl through without applying much commmon sense. Their brief is to merely get payment. So do not let them upset your day!!


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