Urgent - Gas Inspection - Access Rights

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    Urgent - Gas Inspection - Access Rights

    I hope someone can help me with this problem.

    I have a gas safety check due on Tuesday.

    I have arranged for an inspection but when we rang the tenants they refused permission for me to give the Gas man the keys stating that they prefer to be in. (they allowed us to do this last year)

    They have asked me to get the gas man to ring with a time even though they said they would be in all day.

    The gas man will only state am or pm.

    I have a feeling that they will be awkward and not answer the door when the gas man calls due to other ongoing issues I have with them.
    (They have asked if they can move another tenant in and I have said no)

    If the gas man does not gain admission on Tuesday I will not have a current certificate.

    What can I do to protect myself against prosecution in this situation?

    Thanks for any help

    i have been in same situation with tenant saying gas inspector must give them a weeks notice as to actual time, but i find it impossible to get a time, if you have got a definate day off corgi man you are doing well. but with most trades people its very hard to pin them to certain time but tenants dont realise that and think they are only customer and should be attended to only at their convenience.Also they assume that if something goes wrong and needs professional attention, i can somehow wave a magic wand and get the tradesperson there immediatly be it day or night.

    as to What can I do to protect myself against prosecution in this situation

    just keep all details to show you have made every effort to get inspection done
    Opinions given are mine, They are not necessarily correct, as the more I learn the less I know, You should always seek professional help.


      You will basically need to show due diligence. This means that you have done everything reasonably possible to stay within the law.
      Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


        Our gas check is done by British Gas as part of their Homecare. They write to us with a date and I forward this on to the tenant saying that if the date is not convenient and if they want to be there they need to arrange directly with British Gas. Its always worked fine for us and saves us making arrangements for the visit that dont suit the tenant.

        Can you ask the tenant to liaise directly, telling them that its a legal requirement?


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          Much like your tenants then

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          There is no defence against a correctly issued Section 21 so providing all the paper work is in order should this go to court your landlord will be granted a possession order. You can use the link below to find out if any Section 21 is valid.

          22-01-2022, 08:05 AM
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          He may be abroad , maybe working abroad and unable to currently return to the U.K ?
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          Rachel Reeves R4 this am told the interviewer that Labour (when in power) would raise money by taxing those with BTL property much more than at present, she opined it was wrong that “they” were “getting away with it”. No challenge from BBC or fact check as to present tax. You are warned.
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          (Minor point: I believe the rate will be 1.25%, not 1.5%.)

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