Using grounds under Schedule 2 to the 1988 Act

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  • Reply to Rent Increase
    by jpucng62
    I would suggest you might get away with £50 pcm increase with an explanation that a rent has not gone up for 4 years so there needs to be a significant rent rise. Then £25 cpm each year until you have caught up bit. Seems unfair to evict tenants for you taking you eye off the ball!
    18-10-2021, 19:59 PM
  • Rent Increase
    by TREK
    I am a landlord and have been letting a property out to tenants for £600 PCM for 4 years with no rent increases, i have not had my eye on the ball for 18 months and have just found out that very similar properties in the area are going for £800 PCM. What is the maximum i could raise the rent at the...
    18-10-2021, 17:22 PM
  • Reply to Rent Increase
    by TREK
    Landlords are actually getting £800 as there is a massive demand in the area as very few properties available for rent, the market has gone crazy, £1200 for a 3 bed semi in Liverpool....
    18-10-2021, 19:19 PM
  • Reply to Can I use an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement for a 2 month rental?
    by stanleyman
    This is the advice I got from a lawyer when I showed them the leasehold agreement FYI - (I was asking whether I was permitted to receive air b n b guests under the terms)
    The lease terms are ambiguous .

    If you enter into an assured shorthold tenancy (AST) with any occupier the occupation
    18-10-2021, 19:00 PM
  • Can I use an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement for a 2 month rental?
    by stanleyman
    Hi! I would like to rent out the flat I own on a short-term 2 month basis. My freeholder permits me to have an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement so I would like to get one in place for my guest and then buy appropriate landlord insurance to cover me for public liability, personal injury, damage to...
    16-10-2021, 10:42 AM
  • Reply to Rent Increase
    by Neelix
    Is the £800 what they are being advertised for or what LL's are actually getting?
    18-10-2021, 18:58 PM
  • Reply to Section 21 abolition - timetable
    by Kape65
    Thanks, that sounds hopeful, so I'm guessing their is no way they can just abolish it overnight. I have a property that will not make the proposed C grade so I am going to sell it now because I can see it becoming a major headache when S21 is gone. I was hoping not to issue notice before Christmas if...
    18-10-2021, 18:28 PM
  • Section 21 abolition - timetable
    by Kape65
    I know that abolishing Section 21 is not yet a done deal but is looking likely. Do we know when the governments white paper is likely to show it's face and how long after that before we will not be able to use Section 21 ( a crystal ball question I know ). I'm hoping to repossess at least one more property...
    18-10-2021, 14:30 PM
  • Reply to Can I use an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement for a 2 month rental?
    by stanleyman
    Thankyou - I didnt realise that there was this degree of subjectivity in place regarding what an ASL was or wasn't. Government guidance on ASL's doesn't say anything about a minimum period and so I assumed there wasn't one.

    Regarding my leasehold agreement, it says:

    18-10-2021, 18:25 PM
  • Reply to TDS requiring court order
    by KTC
    You sue the company for the unpaid debt, win & get a court order including an order saying TDS should release the deposit to you, then provide a copy of the order to TDS....
    18-10-2021, 18:24 PM