Using grounds under Schedule 2 to the 1988 Act

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  • When to call end to tenancy
    Thoughts from experienced landlords would be appreciated. The tenancy is now periodic. The house is a modern build, in good repair and decoration.

    Tenants are slow in reporting maintenance issues or, conversely, needy. We have replaced a blown light bulb as tenants did not know how...
    18-05-2019, 17:58 PM
  • Reply to When to call end to tenancy
    if tenants smoke outside thats usually acceptable

    i think that for mice well - this is a common problem but as for carpets smelling of urine ??mmmm I found i had mice in my loft a few years back and the council come down for free to put stuff down and do a survey all free maybe you could...
    19-05-2019, 23:22 PM
  • deposit and damage
    Hi all
    I've read quite a few of the posts here about deposit returns and deductions. Renewals of on going tenancies, unprotected deposits but I still have some questions

    A tenant moved in Oct 2015 and vacated on 29th April. (I have 6 other properties I let just for context). This...
    15-05-2019, 11:18 AM
  • Reply to deposit and damage
    exactlly where is the deposit now ? in the scheme ? or in your pocket ?

    this doesnt make sense to me --

    This particular one the letting agent I use always put the deposit into a scheme themselves and when tenant vacated in 2015 they returned as there were arrears and damages...
    19-05-2019, 23:17 PM
  • Buying a tenanted property
    Hi I'm thinking about buying a tenanted property.Is there anything I should be weary of ? .This would be my 4th and would bring my total income to about 48000 minus mortgage interest etc.Im presuming the new tax rules would not affect me as I would still be in the basic tax bracket ?
    19-05-2019, 19:04 PM
  • Reply to Buying a tenanted property
    if there is a tenant in there - beware
    is there some reason why the property is being sold ? is this a bad tenant ect ?
    not sure if you would be in the basic tax bracket but check that out - in a basic tax and earn 9,000 pounds plus my rental income 4000 pounds minus repairs/mortgage and...
    19-05-2019, 22:34 PM
  • i Have given up letting ......
    just to let you all know i have given up letting - the only property i have now is where my son lives and a let that one out and hes no intention of letting me sell it either to himself or otherwise -
    i did have another property which was quite far away and the problems i had with a tenant with...
    17-05-2019, 16:10 PM
  • Reply to i Have given up letting ......
    yes ive dont know why people on here think i dont fill in my tax return as it seems to be something that people think i do not do when i have been doing it for the past 20 years , although im a low earner and pay very little tax or usually get a return - been letting property out for 20 years and self...
    19-05-2019, 22:30 PM
  • I did not use tenancy deposit scheme help !
    I am a novice landlord and i took over the tenancy from the agent and they gave me the deposit . Tenets moved out and i deducted £160 from there £600 deposit for repairs . Then got a letter from a solicitor demanding 6x the deposit ! After looking in to it i now see i was in the wrong but from...
    08-04-2019, 22:41 PM
  • Reply to I did not use tenancy deposit scheme help !
    i know of a landlord who has over 100 properties and NEVER takes a tenacny deposit simply because of this...
    19-05-2019, 21:46 PM