Using grounds under Schedule 2 to the 1988 Act

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  • Reply to Ending a Periodic Tenancy!
    by Peter61
    Thank you for your reply,I’ll have to check what type of Periodic is in place!
    28-10-2020, 16:37 PM
  • Ending a Periodic Tenancy!
    by Peter61
    Hello,how much notice do i have to give a tenant that’s on a Periodic month to month tenancy,
    thank you!
    28-10-2020, 16:28 PM
  • Reply to Ending a Periodic Tenancy!
    by jpkeates
    If it's a Statutory Periodic tenancy and it's a section 21 notice, 6 months minimum.
    If it's a Contractual Periodic tenancy, in theory, the notice in the tenancy agreement.
    28-10-2020, 16:33 PM
  • Reply to Improvement notice
    by AndrewDod
    You are living there 365 days a year right? If you are 100% sure they are definitely lodgers, I'd boot them out. If lodgers don't like where they are staying (it might be very reasonable to not like living in a lousy place with no heating) then they leave and find somewhere else. That's how it is and...
    28-10-2020, 16:31 PM
  • Improvement notice
    by Michelle13
    I live with two lodgers who are complaining about the length of time it's taking me to get the boiler repaired to restore heating and hot water. They are talking about complaining to the council and getting an improvement notice served on me. Can the council serve a notice on me if I'm a resident landlord?...
    27-10-2020, 20:47 PM
  • Reply to Landlord opening ex-tenant's post
    by jpkeates
    Many of the landlords on this forum open mail addressed to ex-tenants (I've done it myself).
    - Just to check it's not a bill, which the tenant might not be otherwise aware of.
    - To see if it's something else that might cause me or a future tenant a problem.
    Neither of those would cause...
    28-10-2020, 16:30 PM
  • Landlord opening ex-tenant's post
    by DanielM
    Morning all

    Do any of you have any experience or knowledge of what to do in this situation.

    The landlord has been opening the ex-tenant's post and found a cheque and saying he isn't going to pass it on to the tenant because the ex-tenant owes rent arrears.

    I know...
    28-10-2020, 10:30 AM
  • Reply to Finally got possession order!
    by hybrice
    In the current climate, I'd be surprised if you could:
    1. Apply for permission to transfer up from CC to HC on N244
    2. Serve notice that you're applying for a writ (can't be sealed without it)
    3. Apply for permission to issue a writ on another N244
    4. Complete the PF89
    28-10-2020, 16:27 PM
  • Finally got possession order!
    by Propertygoesup
    Got email from solicitor this morning with a possession order attached, it asks the tenant to leave no later than this Thursday!
    so I will double check Friday if they have left (unlikely) then it’s on to instructing a bailiff.
    any idea on timeframe for the bailiff?...
    27-10-2020, 21:23 PM
  • Reply to Landlord opening ex-tenant's post
    by hybrice
    Maybe, though I think you'd be hard-pressed to argue that the intention wasn't there when the outcome is extortion and withholding of funds.

    1. What reasonable excuse could he have for opening the ex-tenants mail other than to look for leverage?
    2. He is certainly acting to their...
    28-10-2020, 16:21 PM