Tenant won't give me his bank details!

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  • Tenant won't give me his bank details!

    Hi I have just moved a tenant into a property, he was fully credit checked and referenced. He paid one months advance rent and deposit etc, six month agreement was signed and I sent him a standing order form for the rental payments. He sent the Standing order form back to me fully completed except for his account number. I have phoned him a couple of times since asking him for it and he keeps saying he doesn't know it but will ring me back with it - he never does. I've called his bank asking them if I send them the form, (since it has his signature and sort code on it) would they be able to complete the account number but they said no, they would just send it back to me. I'm starting to get worried now as his rent is due in two weeks. Could anyone advise as to what I can do? Is there any way I can find out his bank details?

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    Sorry, but you cannot force a tenant to pay by standing order and you certainly cannot find out his bank details without him giving you permission. If you have to collect cash every month, then that's what you'll have to do.

    You will hopefully next time obtain a fully completed standing order form at the same time as signing the agreement.

    You don’t yet appear to have a problem because the rent is not late. Keep it cool until such time.


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      I agree with Poppy .. you can't ask for someone else's bank account details

      However, I find it strange that someone would know their sort code but not their account number ...
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        If he was "fully credit checked" as you say, then then bank details should have been on the application form.


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          Hi - thanks for your replies, when I say fully referenced, he was credit searched, and references were obtained from previous landlord, current employer and a character reference.


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            I ask for a tenant's bank details as part of the application process; however, you do realise that you don't need this information for a standing order? You provide the tenant with your bank account details and ask them to set up the s/o with their bank. I have a form which I fill out myself and give to the tenant with all the necessary details.

            When the transfer arrives in your account, you have no way of telling what account it came from (it will be identified on your statement by the name of the account holder, ie your tenant).

            A direct debit is a different matter of course; but no tenant with half a brain would pay rent that way (and I'm pretty sure it's not possible for a private individual to set them up anyway).


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              Its not unusual to not know your account number. My other half knows his sort code, because its the same as mine (and I have imprinted it on to his brain!) But he doesnt know his account number because its not on his card, and the only place where it shows up is on his bank statements, which he doesnt read, and simply throws out! He doesnt need to check them apparantly!!
              I know all my bank account numbers, but some people dont have a head for numbers! By the way is he with RBS? As these are the only banks as far as I can see that dont have the acct no on the card?!


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                Just to add - I pay my rent by bank transfer now. My landlord is with Abbey, and I go to my local branch and pay it directly into his account at the end of the month, when it suits me (as long as its in for the 1st). This works very well for us, as I get recipts from the branch, and its on my timescale, and I dont have to worry about making sure the money is in one account to pay a DD (I dont like DD's anyway!) or a SO. All it involved was him giving me his account details. Just wondering if he might prefer that option?
                You can also do a bank transfer online or over the phone using your banks services, but this takes a few days to reach the other persons account. Mine goes in the same day, as its paid with cash over the counter, directly into his account.


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