If road access is removed, does Tenancy end at once?

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  • jeffrey
    Ignore the tenancy issue. As the problem would exist even for owner-occupation, this is really more of a conveyancing or planning issue.

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  • vegasgo
    started a topic If road access is removed, does Tenancy end at once?

    If road access is removed, does Tenancy end at once?

    Bit of a long story here. We own a house (currently rented to tenants) on a one-way street near the edge of a quarry. The road has six houses on it and there is only one access point, down a lane than follows the quarry edge for about 250m. The houses are about 20m from the edge of the quarry.

    Last winter there was a small land slip at the start of the lane - the first in years. The council have now deemed this part of the road unsafe and intend to close the road to all traffic from 22nd November, effectively making the houses landlocked.

    Here it is on google maps

    - if you go into steet view, the quarry, with a 80m drop, is behind the fence on the left. if you follow the lane up, you will come to the junction where the road is intended to be blocked off.

    There is wasteland to the rear of the properties that a new access road could be built - but the council have turned their backs on this suggestion, basically telling us all to park our cars on 'safer' ground - before the start of the lane on a virtually desolate street and out of sight. Not ideal at all. I'm not sure at this point if the closure will be a permanent fixture, ie not even gated for emergency vehicles.

    Our tenants, understandably, have expressed concern about this any may decide to move out, which will leave us in limbo. God knows how they would actually move anyway if the road is closed.

    Naturally, we are going to challenge the council ruling, and speak to the other homeowners. We will need to see the report on the safety of the quarry and go from there. We don't know yet if it is just a knee-jerk reaction by the council or if there is genuine concern about the stability of the quarry.

    Worst case scenario, our house may become worthless if indeed there is a major problem with the quarry edge.

    My main question at this point is, are the council allowed to close a road without providing alternative access elsewhere first? And if the closure is not even 'gated', what happens in case of an emergency?

    I have read that the courts determine a house to be 'unlivable' if permananetly landlocked. Any advice here greatly appreciated, thanks.

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