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    Gas safety and requirements


    I'm new to this forum and i need info on gas safety.

    I read that british gas were fined millions of £££ because they were judged to be responsible for an explosion in a house in scotland. Wat should i do to protect my tennants and myself from a massive fire? I would appricate some advice.

    Thank you

    Hello private landlord

    All landlords have a responsibility to protect their tennants by complying with the law and using common sence. You must have an annual landlords gas inspection carried out by a corgi registered engineer who will issue you with the certificate if everything is satisfactory. The common sence bit is for you to decide where to draw the line.

    You can fit gas detectors, carbon monoxide alarms or, what alot of local authorities and housing assosiations are fitting are magne flo excess flow gas valves (they act like a 15amp fuse for gas). i.e if 1 of your tenants decides to do a moonlight flit taking the cooker, fire or even the boiler with them without turning the gas off at the main, the valve will automatically shut the gas off and automatically reset again when the problem has been fixed. If you are a landlord of a multi occupancy building, you should take note that the institue of gas engineers and managers have this year produced a document called G5 that reccommends the fitting of excess flow valves to protect the property from gas meter theft, this is to be done on a risk assesment basis. However the cost of fitting an excess flow valve is less expencive than an assesment and it avoids the liability risk to you by complying with G5.
    I'm sorry if this sounds long winded but if you need any further information please email me.

    Gas Man


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