How do you force the landlord to do repairs

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    How do you force the landlord to do repairs


    I have a lock that does not work and does not close the back door ie anyone can come inside. the landlord is refusing to repair it since day one. 4 months he was avoiding it and now he categoracly stated that i must have broke it.The lock works on its own but does not lock once the doors shuts(it's one of those cheap double glazed doors)
    what are the legal ways to force him to do it.
    I only have 26 days before the bank may repossess his house(hearing for repossession is due on 26 )
    The council say that disregarding the repossession i must not withhold the rent as i am be treated as intentionally making myself homeless.
    the question is If the house is not locked surelly there is case no?.
    there is no agreement to say that everything was working when i moved in. i don't even have a gas certification to prove that my gas is safe.

    Gas Certificate


    Your landlord should have a copy of the Gas Test Inspection Certificate and it should be current, this has to be done every 12 months. He should let you have a copy of this so you know when it expires. If he hasn't got a current certificate you could be at risk from leaking gas or carbon monoxide poisoning and the landlord could be risking a massive fine or jail. He's putting his tennants at risk.

    Gas Man



      I suggest you contact your landlord stating that if the lock is not repaired and a gas certificate produced asap then you will be contacting your local authority Envirnomental health department (also put this in writing and keep a copy).
      They will inspect and if necessary issue an enforcement notice.
      If your landlord has not had a gas inspection done he could find himself in serious trouble.


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