Can I get rid of my letting agent without paying more management fees?

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    Can I get rid of my letting agent without paying more management fees?

    I have read various threads looking for a solution to my problem but don't seem to have found an up to date answer....

    So, my Letting agent is not great (but not awful, reading the other threads) in that rent has been late a couple of times, but my complaints about them being late are ignored and go unexplained (haven't put them in writing yet but many phone calls). They also seem unable to respond to any query within a reasonable timescale, always taking follow up calls to get anything done which I find more hassle than just managing the property myself. They also don't appear to have done the bimonthly inspections that the contract states they will do.

    So, my question is, can I give the Agent notice and keep the Tenant without paying them the management fee despite the contract stating that they are entitled to 10% management fee for as long as the tenant is in the property? I would site breach of contract for not doing the inspections as being the reason I could get out of it, but feel I'm on shakey ground.

    Any advice gladly welcomed.

    You could attempt to use the lack of inspections as evidence of breach of contract but if they sued you for the 10% (which they probably would - who wouldn't want a big dollop of money for doing very little?), you would have to use that as your defence. Not sure of your chances, especially as you haven't left a paper trail detailing your concerns/their inaction.
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