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  • Council tax liability

    I had a tenant on a 6 month AST who moved out after just one month, without any notice. She left a message on my answerphone to say she had to suddenly leave the country. She did leave her deposit (equivalent to 1 months rent), which covered the few days rent she hadn't paid and I kept the rest in lieu of the one month notice which was in her contract. It took me just under the month to find new tenants.

    I did write to all amenities to explain the situation, the council have written to me asking for date she moved out. (I wrote to them with date the new tenants moved in). Who is liable for the council tax for the few weeks that she had vacated the property? I was assuming this to be her responsibility as it was the notice period, although she didn't officially leave notice, she didn't claim back her deposit.

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    If you have taken her deposit to cover those few weeks then she would be liable as technically shes paid to live there. If it was the weeks which were unpaid and you were searching for tenants then it is your responsibility.
    Speak to the council because you do get some months deducted from the council tax if you state it was empty and its for rental purposes. I think you get around 6months in total a vacant property..other than that your on your own!!


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