Landlord backed out at last minute

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    Landlord backed out at last minute

    Hi, With a week to go, i've found out the landlord has backed out, with personal reasons. And is moving into the house himself.

    We have paid the deposit and the first months rent, signed contracts, booked a van and handed a months notice in on our current house.

    The landlord hasn't signed the contracts though.

    The house was through an agent, and they've found us another house, with the same landlord!!!!! It's the same rent, but smaller. We have no choice but to move into this one, or loose loads of money.

    Where do we stand legally? Can we claim any money back? Help!

    I don't think you can claim anything as both party can pull out at any time before the keys are handed over.

    If they didn't offer you another property the only thing they'd have to do is refund any money you have paid.
    Now they've offered another property, as it's smaller I would ask for a lower rent (look at other similar properties in the area and see if the rent is fair).

    It's a very annoying situation but there's not much you can do I'm afraid.


      The fact that the landlord had not yet signed the contract, means that you do not have a legally binding contract with the landlord. It happens the other way round too you know.

      Think about all those aborted home sales every single day. Basically all parties walk away.

      What money have you actually lost?


        Ok, thanks for the reply,

        We asked for slighly lower rent, but the landlord has refused, he can get other tennants willing to pay it.

        It's just annoying, having got this far and now we're back to square one, with no gesture of good will for this inconveniance. Just, take it or leave it.


          We've lost the admin charge of £120, renting a van £60, wasted day's booked off of work. The other property isn't available until the week after. I hope they'll pay the other £120 admin charge for the contracts.


            Complain to the agent about the admin charge. After all it's apparently not your fault that the contracts did not come to fruition.

            Negotiate with the van company that you want to utilise the money for a future (undoubted) move.

            As for the day off - go to work - you knew about the issue a week ahead. Where's the loss there?


              Yeah, your right. thanks for the great advice. I'll speak to the manager, should be able to sort that out. As for work, might just have a couple days off.


                Clarify with the Agent what the Admin charge was for ... You may well find that the "admin charge" is how some agents refer to the charge for getting credit referencing done by a credit referencing company. This should cover you for the 2nd property as all the referencing has been done for the same LL.
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