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  • Court Hearing Assistance (N119/N5)

    I currently have a tenant who we gave notice to in March and who was due to vacate the property in May. This has not happened. Since May - rent has been intermittant and not complete (50% some months - other months 25% etc.).

    My agent has had constant dialogue with the tenant and it would appear efforts have been made to seek alternate rehousing via the council. The council have not come up with the goods yet and I could only put up with so much. Especially as the council reccomended he stay put until court action!!

    As there was more than 2 months rent arrears owing I have therefore completed the relevant n119 and n5 forms to seek possesion and recoup some costs. I now have a court date in September.

    Latest indication from the tenant is they will stay in the house as they have no where else to go and therefore I can only assume it will go to court.

    Whats the procedure on the day? My agent will attend the hearing as well as me to explain situation etc. Any tips?

    How much longer can this go on for past the court hearing?

    Many Thanks,

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    First of all dont worry too much - the day is easy enough - we did it in Nov last year for the first time! We were on our own - no agents involved. Basically turn up in good time. You will be called through to see the judge. It is very informal. He had a big desk and we sat at a desk facing him. The key is to turn up! Our judge was scathing of the tenants for not doing so. Our case was very strong and he awarded 14 day possession.
    If your paperwork is exactly right it should go well.
    Tenants actually did a moonlight whilst we were in court!
    Call the judge "Sir" and dress smartly. Apart from that there is not much you need to know - good luck!
    If you win and the tenant does not go you then have to go back to court to get baliffs involved - not done that personally so will leave it to others to talk about that!
    Finally - do tenants get HB?? - after 8 weeks arrears it must be paid to you though I am sure you know this already.
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      Exactly what I was after. Hopefully all will go well on the day. Seemingly my agent has issued all the correct paperwork (intention to seek possesion served, arrears notices and constant communication with him about situation with council rehousing etc.) so I can't see that we could have done anything further.

      Fingers Crossed.

      Many Thanks,


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        andy - good luck - tell us what happens please
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