Legal Ways To Evict My Mother's Ex-Boyfriend

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    Legal Ways To Evict My Mother's Ex-Boyfriend

    Okay, so the story goes like this: My mother and father split in '96 and I and my brother went with my father and my mother struck out on her own. Anyway, around 2001 she met this guy named Ben and they began living together. Then around 2003 she and Ben moved to PA and he's lived here ever since. Around December of '09 my mother and my father began talking about getting back together and allowing me and my brother to live with them.

    All is fine except that Ben is still here and has no intention of leaving anytime soon. He contributes nothing to the house, eats more than his share, and acts like he owns the place. He's not on my mother's mortgage and is an alcoholic who has a very very nasty side.

    My father, my mother, my brother, and myself are at our wit's end on how to be rid of him once and for all. My mother went to see the magistrate and he said that all she needed was to give him 3 days notice and he could be forcibly evicted. My mother has no spine and did not kick him out, but always threatens. So she letting my father handle it.

    He called the constable today and the magistrate said that we in effect could not forcibly evict him. I know that's crap but I can't find any laws about it. Is there a way to forcibly evict this guy, legally? This is really a frustrating situation and I'm starting to regret ever agreeing to come here. So if I could get some help I'd appreciate it muchly.
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    Then around 2003 she and Ben moved to PA
    Would that be "PA" as in "Pennsylvania"? If so I'm afraid to say you've landed on a UK forum (the clue is in the and we can't help with US law.


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