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    problematic evictions...

    i have a bailiff coming to evict my tenant

    could the tenant do the following to evade eviction?

    barracade himself in

    i understand the bailiffs cant use force to gain entry - therefore arent allowed to force the door down

    could a tenant do this - and what bad experiences have LL members had with bailiff evictions i wonder?

    If you search davidjohnbutton and bailiff you will find a lot of info regarding his experiences with the bailiffs.


      For example...

      Originally posted by davidjohnbutton View Post
      A lot depends on whether or not there is anyone in the house and if there is , what sort of resistance they put up if any. You have done the right thing in booking a locksmith and police officer to be present as you suspect potential violence.

      Arrive half an hour before the allotted time, park your car in the next street (to avoid any damage being done to it by your tenent) and do a quick recce of the house from outside. Have a change of clothes available in case anything gets thrown over you etc.

      When bailiff, police and locksmith are assembled, the bailiff will usually take the lead by knocking on the door - if theres no response then the locksmith can open the door, you all walk in and the bailiff hands possession over to you.

      The warrant authorises use of force BUT if it appears that more force than he can give is required, then he will withdraw make a risk assessment and come back another day suitably armed with sufficient bailiffs and police as to use approriate force - this is very unusual but it does happen. The police officer should assist to prevent a breach of the peace but he is not there to assist you in the eviction.

      The bailiff will have several evictions that day, so he wont be with you for more than 15/20 minutes so you stop in the house until its resecured.


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