Tenancy fallen through as property is holiday only..

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    Tenancy fallen through as property is holiday only..


    New here, looks a friendly busy forum so hoping someone can help.

    We came across a property to let that we've fallen in love with, handed our notice in on our current rental 2 weeks a go and have a move out date of the 19th October, our new contract on the new place starts 15th October.

    Received a telephone call from the new letting agent who said that they had withdrawn from the property due to the planning permission being for holiday use only. All moneys paid being be returned to us (tomorrow).

    Where do we stand, can we live in it for 11 months a year? Would we have to have a permanent address to be on the electoral roll, thinking credit rating etc and being deemed homeless. Council tax? What happens about that? Could one of us rent for 6 months and the other for the other 6 month? Are their any legal ways of living in the house or should we just walk away putting it down to a lesson in life?


    It depends on what the planning permission says.

    You say you had a contract. Do you mean you both sides signed up? If so, then I do not think that the agent can simply send you your money back and think that that wipes the slate clean. You are entitled to damages.


      Planning Permission says:

      The unit hereby permitted shall be used for holiday accommodation, ancillary to the occupancy of xxxxxx cottage only and shall not be used as a principal residential dwelling.
      It then goes on to state 3 reasons, in short

      1 isolated nature of the site would be contrary to a local councils policy
      2 construction and design is unsuitable for permanent residence
      3 relationship of other buildings associated with the use of other dwellings would be unacceptable in residential amenity terms


        well I suppose you could move in and hope noone reports you to the council! The worst that could happen would be I assume that the LL would be served an enforcement notice telling him to comply. If the agent won't touch it you could approach the LL direct?
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          The LL is happy to have us as tenants and to cut the middlemen out. He has mentioned that his neighbour complained to the council, so if we move in we have to comply with whatever the rulings are, just wondering what they are and the options, risks and downfalls


            There should be more detail somewhere - we once looked at buying a holiday property which had an "11 months of the year" holiday clause. We walked away!
            It may be that you could have a break of a day? Or as you say 2 x 5 and a bit month contracts? the problem is that by living there for long periods it will clearly not be a holiday let, whether it is for less than a year or not. YOu will risk enforcement (or rather the LL will). However you will get time to move on - they will have to wait while the LL "evicts" you!
            Unshackled by the chains of idle vanity, A modest manatee, that's me


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            • Reply to Letting Agent Withholding Key (Lease signed + rent paid)
              by HobbitShire
              Sorry but I must reitterate that she DID provide all documents which were initially requested before both parties signed the lease. This new, rigid requirement for a utility bill only came a day before the agreed move-in date.

              This is not a case of a prospective tenant having no paper trail....
              20-01-2022, 01:28 AM
            • Letting Agent Withholding Key (Lease signed + rent paid)
              by HobbitShire
              My partner has recently signed a lease through a well known property agent in London.

              The lease was also signed by the landlord. References from current + previous employer, landlord, etc, and proof of address were requested before signing, and provided.

              Upon signing the lease...
              20-01-2022, 00:57 AM
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              by HobbitShire
              Firstly, she already provided the previous lease, along with a document from the municipality of Amsterdam stating that she was registered as living there. I paid the bills as we were living together, and she has closed her Dutch bank account (as is required when you are no longer a resident). I'm sure...
              20-01-2022, 01:11 AM
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              by Jon66
              No bank statements with the old address on? These are available freely from your online account, or previous utility bills, council tax bills etc. I find it difficult to accept that they are unable to provide something. I would have concerns if you were my prospective tenant. You need to provide the...
              20-01-2022, 01:02 AM
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              by minorbark
              When you put it like that I'm more inclined to edge towards the S21 route regardless. As much as part of me feels some compassion for the guy and doesn't want to lump more stress on top of someone who appears to be struggling already, as has been said before, none of us are acting as a charity.
              19-01-2022, 22:51 PM
            • Property damaged. Advice please
              by minorbark
              Apologies if something similar has already been covered elsewhere. I did try to search but couldn't find anything that matched my situation particularly closely. A huge thanks in advance to any of you who do take the time to read and advise.

              TLDR version: Police have forced entry into my...
              18-01-2022, 21:55 PM
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              by minorbark
              Thank you.

              My initial contact with the police was just a phone call to the local station. As I almost half expected they wouldn't give up much info, I didn't particularly push back when they said as much and I left it at that. A formal complaint might fill in a few blanks in the story but...
              19-01-2022, 22:37 PM
            • Reply to Property damaged. Advice please
              by Hudson01
              A back door way into finding out what did happen (or more info than you have now), is to ask for a callback from the local PCSO who covers the beat area where the tenant lives (go online and start a live chat), he or she will know far more about your tenant that a faceless comms operator at HQ or anyone...
              19-01-2022, 22:17 PM
            • Reply to Property damaged. Advice please
              by DoricPixie
              Just because someone knocks on your door, even if it crescendos to them banging loudly on your door, it doesn’t mean you have to answer it or have to go and investigate.

              If the tenant suffers from mental health issues and the police were sent round because someone thought the tenant’s...
              19-01-2022, 21:47 PM
            • Reply to Property damaged. Advice please
              by WebLand
              From painful personal experience of this issue... You should formally contact the police, ask them why they broke the door down and ask for compensation. Their lawyer will then write to you with some information which may be useful for you to know (but not giving very much detail). I expect they'll...
              19-01-2022, 21:31 PM