Dealing with Management Company – advice please

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    Dealing with Management Company – advice please

    Hi I have recently purchased a single bed room top floor flat and having some problems with the management company.

    Recently when there was heavy rain, there was leak and water dripped thru the hole in the middle of the room where the bulb was fitted.

    Hence I called up the management company to report the problem, and the person who answered the call was totally unhelpful, and asked questions as if we have purposeful done this and also said that they were recording the conversation, and said if the problem was not with the roof as reported then I have to bear the call out charges. Based on this agreement they sent some company to have a look, and after investigation some repair work was done on the roof. My tenant did not check what work was done except to give them access.

    Since the repair was done no more leaks have been observed, but when I visited the flat I saw a hole on the roof (this is roof above the bedroom where there was a leak), now what should I do, should I write to the management company attaching pictures taken of the room and ask them to check again?

    Please any advice will be very much appreciated.

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