How long does a Landlord have to return deposit/provide confirmation on deductions?

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    How long does a Landlord have to return deposit/provide confirmation on deductions?

    Hi there,

    We moved out of property 28/08/2010. Tenancy was a 12 month agreement which was paid in full at start of tenancy along with deposit.

    We know from verbal discussions with LL that she has some issues with condition of property (some touching up we did to walls following removal of pics which we had hung is not to her satisfaction, plus a couple of other very minor points), however we still have not received from her written confirmation of her proposals for deductions in the deposit.

    Is there a time period which is classed as reasonable for the LL to get this done?? She informed me that she was obtaining quotations for the "work" the day after I spoke to her but that was nearly two weeks ago!!

    Also her new tenants are already in situ. Does this have any bearing on whether the reasons for any proposed deductions would be reasonable IE: not so necessary that it rendered the property un-lettable/unliveable??

    Any advice/suggestions would be most appreciated.

    Who currently holds the deposit- was it protected, and where? Reletting is irrelevant.
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      Deposit is held in protected scheme, I think with DPS. Meant to check on docs last night but forgot!!


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