Builders fenced-off open land near let premises: can T object?

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    Without going into detail about the whys & wherefors, I had no choice but to except property as I was in homeless accom. The council give you one chance to refuse a property with good reason or they drop you from housing list. As I was in temp accom, we didn't get a choice...

    Aslo you mentioned "I agree. As long as what L let is unaltered, and T's rights are unaffected, L is not obliged to forewarn T of its sale-off. "

    It is altered as they have sold a portion of it off?

    It looks like the bottom line is that there is nothing we can do, they have no responisbility to notify us of the sale.

    Thanks for all your replies.


      It would be worse if you owned the house I suppose and the land had been sold privately - then there would also be nothing you could do but you would be stuck in the house. Perhaps at some point you will find a better property where you are totally happy and will move - though that is probably little consolation at this point. I am sorry you have been upset by this but hopefully all will be well for you in the end.
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        Hi ya,

        It's just a shame that every little bit of green now gets sold off. I know why they didn't notify us, because they knew we'd all object. IF they spent the money on doing the mtce on the houses then it wouldn't be so bad, but you know that won't happen.

        Next thing will be the trees coming down & planning permission going in for a big 2 sided, 22 story

        Many thanks.


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