Is it normal for T to defend s.8/s.21 claims?

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    Worralotta maybe's.

    and not one of them useful to the OP.
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      Originally posted by justaguy View Post

      Maybe so, or...

      Maybe T knows all the ins and outs and is playing L like a violin, with intention to inflict maximal damage on the L even if in the worst case (for T) scenario it would cost T a few extra quid.

      Maybe T is mightily pissed because he's intention was to stay in the house for many years happily paying rent on time. Now T is at least 1-2k£ out of pocket as well as exposed to enormous inconvenience because he has to move at no fault of his own.

      Maybe T has kids, who might have friends living next door, and a good school located nearby and now T's familty has to move.

      Maybe T's wife now wants 2 more bedrooms in the next house.

      Maybe T is going to counterclaim set-off against the rent for whatever little sins L may or may not committed during the tenancy. Be it some disrepairs, breach of quiet enjoyment, racial discrimination, harassment, attempts of illegal eviction, failure to do electrical inspection, failure to provide gas safety certificates, failure to secure the deposit... the list goes on... Now have a look at small print of L's rental garantee and legal fees insurance. Surprise, surprise! Insurance is invalidated if there are any allegations of harrasment.

      Maybe T's financials have changed since L vetted him at the start. Maybe T has a limited income now and even if L wins in the court it would be next to impossible to get anything actually paid.

      Maybe 5£ a month if L is lucky.

      Maybe, and this is rather a scary thought, T now is eligible for Legal Aid or even worse frequents forums like this or CAG or, got forbid, housingpricecrash.

      Maybe knowing that L has subsidized T's housing to the tune of a few k£ a year is not enough to satisfy T's vengefully thoughts.

      Maybe L has failed to follow pre-action protocol, and T knows that playing his cards right T will not have to pay L's costs anyway.

      Maybe T does small claims for sports. Like started with claiming overdraft fees from banks and than moved on to lack of prescribed terms in consumer credit agreements, than on faulty default notices, than to age discrimination in job adverts and so on... Suddenly, the snobbery champion L seems like a fair game to T as well.

      Maybe T is studying law in Uni and eager to get some 'practice' at L's expence.

      Maybe T simply was not able to find an alternative rental yet, particularly assuming lack of a good reference from L and is saving for 6 month rent upfront... yes at L's expence.

      Maybe T is in receipt of an invalid s.21 notice and considers what risks and liabilities T faces should he move out and than a few years after have a claim from L that T has moved out without giving a proper notice to quit and now T should pay a couple years worth of rent.

      Maybe T is a freaking russian chess grossmeister and has IQ twice that of the L, L's agent and L's solicitor combined on logarithmic scale. Yep, L has clue what this means by T knows.

      Maybe T has a severe case of insulted intelligence because of the lame demands and posing by L and LA.

      Maybe L has failed to do proper inventory and have it signed by T.

      Maybe T is holding up to claim 3x unprotected deposit once the tenancy is over.

      Maybe T is going to trash the house once he moved out.

      Maybe T will let some squatters know that once T moves out a window upstairs will be left open and there is a ladder in the garden.... LOL property ladder no less...

      Maybe T is going to move overseas. There are 120 countries or so... good luck tracing...

      Maybe T will take all the white goods, as well as anything that has some copper in it as well as hardwood floors.

      Maybe T will piss into every corner of the property and defecate into the fireplace.

      Maybe all of the above!

      Maybe more...

      Maybe L shall take his head out of the backside and realize the truth. T has an asset - possession of the property. L wants this asset, badly.

      Maybe L should try to tone down on snobbery extravaganza and discuss this matter with T honestly and politely and without treating T as if he's a L's serf.

      Maybe it worth to give something to T to get the asset (possession of the property) or try to agree full and final settlement accepting somewhat less than initially expected rent due and find a compromise, middle ground, with T.

      Maybe L shall first decide what's more important, a snobbery contest or getting out of this predicament with least possible risks, losses and wasted time. Than act accordingly.

      Just a thought... maybe... :-)

      P.S. damn, it now sounds as a rogue tenant manual, though it also might be used as a risk assesment tool
      Oh dear.


        that post kinda confirms the things gals often say about guys (not that they are true of all you lovely males of course)
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          Originally posted by islandgirl View Post
          that post kinda confirms the things gals often say about guys (not that they are true of all you lovely males of course)
          He's just a jealous guy: see
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