Inventory problems with Landlord

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    Inventory problems with Landlord

    Our landlord is coming over to our property to 'inspect the premises and the LL's furniture and effects' next week and wants us to be available to run through all items on the inventory for two hours..
    I understand the reason for the visit as the LL is still a bit sore about a stain on the living room carpet, the LL originally insisted we replace with exactly the same carpet at huge cost, but after we discovered the carpet was over 10 years old, we politely suggested the deposit protection service decide what was fair at the end of our tenancy... LL not happy.

    Regarding the LL's visit next week, we know the LL will be on a nit-picking mission
    Q: Can the LL make changes to the original inventory during our tenancy? Is this not something that should wait until the end of the tenancy?

    Any feedback most welcome.... Thank you.

    Is the landlord carrying out a periodic inspection?

    Having previously noticed damages to his property I would think that he is worried and wants to thoroughly check the property.

    It's not in his interest to make any amendments to the original inventory but I do understand that he wishes to check the condition of the property against the original inventory. Some managing agents carry out their inspections this way.

    I hope this helps.


      Thank you for your feedback.


        The original inventory is a measure of the condition of the place when you moved in - did you sign it?

        There is certainly no benefit to anyone changing it.

        Unless you have caused serious damage to the property and/or furniture your obligation is to return the property to the landlord in the same condition (less wear and tear) at the end of the tenancy. What you do in between, and how you choose to live, is of no concern to the landlord.

        I presume you are aware that you can refuse the landlords visit? Obviously, doing so is going to cause friction with the LL and I can't see him renewing your tenancy agreement - but that may not be a bad thing if you have difficulty with him anyway.


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