Private caravan - possession required

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    Private caravan - possession required

    I am enquiring on behalf of someone else.

    They basically have a caravan on their land and a man was allowed to live in the caravan as a stop gap some 8-9 years ago. However, he continued to live there and continued to pay weekly rent.

    The caravan is now quit uninhabitable due to water bursts when the tenant didnt turn the water off when not there for a few days over winter, this is the second time this has happened.

    The landlord now wants to get rid of the caravan and wants to serve notice upon the tenant.

    No written tenancy agreement has ever been entered into and there are some rental arrears of some 14 weeks albeit that the tenant did send a postal order for one week's rent which was accepted but then sent two postal orders for amounts less than the weekly rent which were not accepted.

    What notice does the landlord need to serve upon the tenant and what for what period of time?

    get the council to serve an enforcement notice to move it - I assume it is there without planning!
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      No I'm pretty sure they have planning because the idea of the caravan being there initially was for family to stay in whenever they came over to see them.

      It is more the legal procedure for serving notice that we need information and advice on.



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