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    Section 21 eviction


    I have a tenancy which started on 15th january 2009 and renewed it for another 2 months in january 2010 I served a section 21 in april for eviction in august which was correctly served as this has already been confirmed.

    I am now filling out the court papers for N5B claim for possession of property but have a problem. It says I need to provide a copy of the first agreement and I can only find the deposit protection certificate and the original section s21 but no tenancy agreement. I do however have the new agreement signed in january for the 2 months.

    Can I still use the N5B accelerated procedure without the original agreement?

    Without the original agreement, you will not be able to use the accelerated procedure. The claim will be allocated a court date, which will add 2-4 weeks onto the process.


      Thanks for that info Snorkerz.

      Do I still use the N5B form or is there another one to use now instead?? and if I can use the N5B form do I need to explain in he additional information section that the original agreement is missing?


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        Just post a new thread, I’ll lock this one for now, then remove it when the new thread gets going.

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        I got two replies two days apart.

        The first said they had always paid within 7 days of the payment date and that there had...
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        The underlay is the key.
        At home I use cheap carpet (because of pets) over good underlay.
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        by jpkeates
        There was nothing about a default in the post I was responding to.
        The post said that there had been a hearing, so if there was a default, it would have to be some kind of procedural issue.
        If you don't turn up to defend a claim, there has to have been some kind of error in notification...
        18-09-2021, 13:40 PM
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        Hello Everyone,

        Via Section 21,i have recently been granted a possession order for my property to happen in middle Jan 2021. The tenants are claiming housing benefit and they owe rent arrears and monies just under £7000 - I have applied for MCOL and now currently waiting to request judgement...
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        Most of my carpets in my own home (good quality) are 15+ years old and still, with care, look perfect.

        Asking carpet people how often you need to replace your carpet is like asking a damp proofing installer whether you need damp proofing....
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        by Hooper
        Yes - both references received 2 days apart from the dedicated referencing department of a national group of letting agents....
        18-09-2021, 12:14 PM
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        With respect, the editing has changed the nature of my posts and title and it is not entirely clear to a reader what has and has not been edited. I am not happy with the posts or title as edited being attributed to me. I think the response a couple of posts up demonstrates that the edits have made it...
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