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  • Section 21 eviction


    I have a tenancy which started on 15th january 2009 and renewed it for another 2 months in january 2010 I served a section 21 in april for eviction in august which was correctly served as this has already been confirmed.

    I am now filling out the court papers for N5B claim for possession of property but have a problem. It says I need to provide a copy of the first agreement and I can only find the deposit protection certificate and the original section s21 but no tenancy agreement. I do however have the new agreement signed in january for the 2 months.

    Can I still use the N5B accelerated procedure without the original agreement?

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    Without the original agreement, you will not be able to use the accelerated procedure. The claim will be allocated a court date, which will add 2-4 weeks onto the process.


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      Thanks for that info Snorkerz.

      Do I still use the N5B form or is there another one to use now instead?? and if I can use the N5B form do I need to explain in he additional information section that the original agreement is missing?


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